Our Shop

We built our shop from 2 40ft shipping containers! Which you can check out our build log and build a shop like this for yourself if you like. There are a lot of advantages to a shop like this one.

The shop has it's own 3 phase rotary converter and is well equipped with a Bridgeport and a Southbend Heavy 10 and a larger Lux-Cut lathe. We have a couple bandsaws and a plasma cutter as well as 2 TIG welders. We also have a 10ft hydraulic shear and various other equipment you expect in a well equipped shop.

The meaning of maker space!

Attitude control

Telemetry and tracking
Mission control

The Legacy

Come play

Team Prometheus has been involved in many projects besides what we do here we help other teams achieve their goals and dreams too! Ardusat, SS2S, NTNS, RobotRising, Sol-X, Moon 2.0 founded in 2008 and we have never looked back!

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