Advocates of the New Space Frontier

  • Welcome to the Team Prometheus website!

    Here you can learn a great deal about High Altitude Ballooning and High Power Rocketry as well as UAV's and even CNC!

    We are a dedicated and motivated group working to bring space access to anyone with desire and motivation.

    What value we can provide:

    > Information and skills needed for you to run your own space program!

    > Provide kit's and components to make your program go a lot easier.

    > Relevant links to organizations, events and technical information related to the space industry.

    > Important information you can use to make your space program a success!

    There really is nothing like getting your own images and running your own experiments at extremely high altitudes and perhaps even into outer space! There are many levels one to fit every budget! You can get started right away and at zero cost! Learning about adventures you can make to the edge of space and beyond!

    Our team is dedicated to the low cost exploration of space by amateur teams and individuals! You can even have a great deal of fun on your own! It is much more fun as you develop your own space program and others want to get involved! It's so much fun and educational and at the same time; you will be learning things about our future in space!

    In fact you may make some interesting discoveries of your own as you move forward to develop your own space program! We will show you how to do things you never before thought possible! On a budget you can afford! It's the most exciting hobby you could ever have!

    We will guide you from beginning to advanced concepts and most the interesting experiments you can imagine and share our knowledge and
    experience with you so that you can make it to a stage where you can do things you never thought you could ever do! Make it into space!

    We will start off with simple and fun High Altitude Balloons and Amateur High Power Rockets and UAV's all the way up to Guided recovery, Telemetry and Avionics, Tracking and a real Mission Control! Space-planes and High Altitude Gliders, RCS (reaction Control Systems) and more! Like hardware and software in the loop simulations that can save you time and money as well as give your team the practice they need to have successful missions.

    Our goal is to make real space exploration affordable and show you how it can be done in a way that everyone can enjoy learning about real life space exploration!

  • Recent News and Info

    NASA’s Morpheus Lander

    NASA’s Morpheus Lander had a successful test flight last week of their Morpheus Lander. The Lander itself is design to land and takeoff on planetary missions. for video checkout this Youtube posting: For more info, the website: or read more

    What is Team Prometheus?

    Team Prometheus is a new group of individuals working on a teamto explore space. You may say “That’s impossible!” I assure you it isnot! As long as probability remains above zero its doable. And we have hope that it will … read more