Team Prometheus
Amateur Space Exploration
Who are we?
Team Prometheus is an organization of individuals promoting the exploration of space for the purpose of finding economical means of utilizing this environment to the benefit of all mankind. We believe there are economical Means to achieve this.
What we do here:
Amateur Rocketry, High Altitude Balloons (HiBalls) UAV Spacecraft. Satellite Communications, Cubesats, Ground Control and provide information for those that want to get involved with Amateur Space Exploration doing it HANDS ON.
Current Events
Amateur Satellite Tracking Network
July 17, 2014

Using a combination of MavLink,Ardupilot and MavProxy we are working on a global amateur network for cubesat tracking.
UAV Spaceplane Project
October 29, 2013

We are working on a spaceplane project. It's a UAV at first balloon launched from nearspace for testing. With planned rocket launch missions.
Mission Control
August, 20 2013

Development of mission control has been ongoing we finialised the design and started construction.
Welcome to our website about amateur space exploration! You may be asking what is amateur space exploration? Isn't that beyond the amateur? Certianly not! We will show you how.
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From Rockets to Astronamy we will cover many different ways for the amateur to get involved in real space exploration for you or a group of people. There is a lot you can do, you will be suprised and amazed at the things you can acomplish.
Best of all everything we do here at Team Prometheus is an effort to keep cost low! Nothing we do here is outside the reach of anyone with an average interest and a desire to explore space. The way we do it it cost about the same as any hobby people do in their spare time.
You don't even need to be a rocket scientist! Almost anyone with the desire that can follow instructions and the ability to understand the safty concerns can do real space exploration!